Wednesday Afternoon Classics. Third Wednesday in the Month. 1.30pm.

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The following un-named films are part of our Classic film collection. You will find hints as to what they could be.

Come and join us, make new friends, and see these films on our big screen, better than the tele!

You will be sure of a warm welcome from our dedicated group of volunteers.



Wednesday 18th March 13.30. Doors 13.00


£5 admission. 

1960 ***** Billy Wilder film that won no less than 5 Oscars a super script played to perfection by a wonderful cast. The story goes that Wilder watched Brief Encounter and wasn’t impressed and said he could do better than that! This brilliant film is the result.

Wednesday 15th April 13.30. Doors 13.00

£5 admission. 

1964 Jacques Demy *****  film with a wonderful music score from Michel Legrand. A French throwback to the Hollywood musicals of the 1920’s. A unique and special film ” Absolutely beguiling”