Wednesday Afternoon Classics. Third Wednesday in the Month. 1.30pm.

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The following un-named films are part of our Classic film collection. You will find hints as to what they could be.

Come and join us, make new friends, and see these films on our big screen, better than the tele!

You will be sure of a warm welcome from our dedicated group of volunteers.

Wednesday 16th Nov. 1.30pm. A more up to date (1977) film of a 1951 French film from the Exorcist director. Has gained a cult following, a desperate group transporting nitro glycerine in a non too hospitable environment.

Wed 18th Sept. New time of 1.30pm – A Powell and Pressburger 1948 classic. A brilliant ballerina and her red shoes torn between life and art. In superb technicolor. One of the best.