Memory Lane Films

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The following un-named films are part of our Memory Lane collection. You will find hints as to what they could be.

Come and join us, make new friends, and see these films on our big screen, better than the tele!

You will be sure of a warm welcome from our dedicated group of volunteers.


Wed 19th Sept. 2018 2.30pm – 1945 classic love story with steam trains.

Wed 17th Oct. 2018 2.30pm – 1949 film of more than two men in post war Vienna intrigue.

Wed 21st Nov. 2018 2.30pm – 1962 film whose star is now 101 his favourite film and one of mine.

Wed 20th Feb. 2019 2.30pm – 1935 classic spy caper. Non stop action. up and down nearly 40 steps.

Wed 20th March. 2019 2.30pm – 1973 film set in a theme park with rogue androids.

Wed 17th April. 2019 2.30pm – 1959 film of a right carry on at the hospital. What fun.

Wed 15th May. 2019 2.30pm – 1948 classic of a runaway orphan falling foul of a gang of thieves. Keep your hand on your wallet!

Wed 19th June. 2019 2.30pm – 1946 Scorsese says this film is one of the best it’s nice to know that he agrees with me., Great British film making. Its a t toss up between Heaven and Earth.

Wed 17th July 2019 2.30pm – 1949 British Classic film, a search for the “secret of the cards” in 19th century Russia, Scorsese (again) says “an absolute masterpiece” Something special!