Friday Evening Film 19.30 September 25th

Oscar winning performance from the lead actor in this super 2019 Biopic.

The words “We’re not in Kansas anymore” never carried greater weight than in the later years of this world famous actress and singer. Her life with it’s triumphs, tragedies and faded glamour brought to life in the twilight days of an all time great. Did she ever find her rainbow?

Film to finish at 21.30

Please note ticket link not available for this film, seats can be reserved at [email protected] or by phone 07522 599 873

Friday Evening Film 19.30 September 18th

A 2019 film telling the all too true story of an English translator who uncovered an illegal US spying operation on UN diplomats in the run-up to the vote on military action in Iraq.

A powerful parable on the morality of spying, the price of speaking out and a fateful decision that continues to resonate today.