Classic is an overused and sometimes undeserved description when describing some films but……. this is a film recognised as a true classic.

A 1955 USĀ  film with a supporting cast which includes the best list of ” hard men” you could gather together at that time, but.. this isn’t your usual heavy film, it portrays a man who ” gives a masterclass in screen acting” playing a one armed WW2 veteran travelling to a small south western US town to honour a promise he gave to a colleague who died in action only to find the town is harbouring a secret they don’t want him to find the answer to.

Yes, you may have guessed this writer rates this film and as it’s been shown on his birthday what could be a better present.


Genre Drama SUSPENSE
Runtime 78 minutes
BBFC Rating BBFC PG rating
Screenings 21 Jul 2021 at 13.30
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